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Local Referee Assignment & Sign Up

Cranford & Local Reffing (updated 2/23/2024)

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new ref equipment & useful info see below 

2024 USSF recertification required (w/ SafeSport for refs age 18+)

1. To Referee CSC Home RECREATIONAL “Intercounty” - SPRING season starts late 4/6/2024 ends mid-June.
- click here to submit RSVP reservation form each week from Sunday AM to MONDAY 11pm. If you miss our deadline, check if the form is accepting refs for the weekly standby list. Each week RSVP’ing adds you to the pool that CSC uses to assign refs for Cranford Intercounty home games. CSC will assign referees for about 15 teams ages U9 thru HS each season. Assignment preference is given to Cranford residents & students, based on ref experience & competition level of the match. Every effort will be made to assign confirmed games by Wednesday noon which will let you submit your availability for Travel (MNJYSA/EDP) by Wed night deadline (SEE BELOW)… but our timeline ultimately depends on game confirmation by coaches. If you don't get Cranford Rec assignments by Wed 8pm PLEASE RSVP WITH PETE/TRAVEL THAT YOU ARE 100% AVAILABLE so you don't miss any referee opportunities due to us.

2. To Referee for local TRAVEL GAMES (MNJYSA/EDP)SPRING season starts 3/16/2024 ends mid-June - in Cranford, Westfield, Linden, Clark, Elizabeth, SPF, Rahway, etc. – click to email Referee Assignor Pete Milwicz - the NJ Area 12 assignor for instructions to get in the MNJYSA ref assignment pool. MNJYSA handbook click here. NOTE – refs submit availability to Pete M each WED by 11:30pm & these assignments are typically sent to you on Friday. CSC IS NOT INVOLVED IN ASSIGNING THESE GAMES. If you submit/RSVP for MNJYSA prior to Cranford Intercounty game assignment you must re-submit the CSC form to update your availability for Cranford assigned games (above).


If you were assigned and have a CONFLICT please contact us ASAP. Double-booking assignments with CSC/MNJYSA & no-shows must be avoided. Just pick where/when you want to referee, RSVP, await assignment then confirm attendance. If you don't get Cranford Rec assignments by Wed 8pm PLEASE RSVP WITH PETE/TRAVEL THAT YOU ARE 100% AVAILABLE so you don't miss any referee opportunities due to CSC.
Thanks refs!

New Referee Information

  • Field+Online Class Certified Referees (age 13+) can center referee games & assist referee for travel & recreational games.
  • Online Digital Class Certified Referees (age 13+) can assist referee travel & recreational games limited to certain age groups.

Newly certified USSF referees (Field+Online and Online only) are initially assigned to Assistant Ref with experienced center referees. This provides a mentoring opportunity during match play where new referees can gain real-game experience.

Once proficiency, confidence & comfort is demonstrated you can be assigned as a center referee with an experienced referee as their AR to further the mentor process. By observing, learning & working with an experienced referee the new referee will best learn their craft. Likewise, referees can also limit themselves just to AR if that meets their comfort level. This mentoring period provides an avenue for new referees to gain experience – in a less challenging environment, under the supervision/guidance of an experienced referee – to help produce better referees confident in their ability! We hope this keeps new referees engaged & stay involved as they get older to referee even more competitive matches.

New referees who wish to submit to MNJYSA for game assignment (see LOCAL REFEREE ASSIGNMENT) for “competitive youth” Travel games should specify their age, credentials & situation – including towns they are willing to referee – to ensure placement in games suited to your current ability. Typically MNJYSA requires one full year of AR work before being considered for Center referee.

Referee Equipment

Standardized USSF Referee Equipment is noted below. NO BRANDING OR LOGOS allowed.
Official sports economy jerseys are the best overall mix of price and quality and these come in women's cut. Official sports sells much of what is needed and Amazon is useful to fill in the gaps also. 

  • NEW REFEREE STARTER KITS from Official Sports are a great start for new refs.
  • Referee Jerseys - refs should have at least 3 jerseys, 4 ideally: YellowBlack, Red, & Green. Blue & Yellow is not often used in Cranford since CSC wears Blue or Gold & several local clubs wear blue. Cold weather allows black only long sleeve under garment.
  • Black Shorts (Cold weather allows black only under garment or leggings).
  • Black Referee Socks with two stripes.
  • Black comfortable sneakers/cleats.
  • All-weather pocket notepad pack or alternate 5-pack & Pencil/pen (all weather click pen here).
  • Set of Referee Flags (Head Ref often supplies flags but ARs bring yours).
  • Timer or Wrist Watch $18 Casio Rotating Bezel on amazon (phones are not suitable and touch screens fail in rain).
  • Bag or backpack (with trash bag to cover your referee bag when raining).
  • Current Year Referee Patch - must be worn for all games.
  • CENTER MUST: Whistle -Fox40 finger grip whistle highly recommended.
  • CENTER MUST: Red/Yellow Plastic Cards & Wallet.
  • CENTER MUST: Coin (for coin flip)
  • VERY USEFUL: Plain black Cap  or Black winter cap (NO HOODIES).
  • VERY USEFUL: Black long-sleeve undershirt & under-shorts leggings


OLD STYLE USSF jerseys don't buy these, they were retired in 2018.

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Cranford Soccer Club

P.O. Box 903 
Cranford, New Jersey 07016

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